Foods to Increase Sperm Count Fast

What Is Sperm?

Sperm is the most important part of men`s semen. It is the energy, the life and the power of conceiving a woman. It is the life source on earth. What a child will be and what would be its capabilities it all depends upon the sperm that hits the ovary. Sperms should be healthy and active. All the mental and physical activities contribute to its existence. So how to increase sperm count at home and keeps them healthy. There are many vegetarian foods to increase sperm count and various fruits to increase sperm count and motility.

On an average, about 50% of infertility cases are due to issues with male sperms. It makes this quite a subject of which everyone should have proper knowledge. As per various studies, it has been found that after 40 years of age, male sperms DNA fragmentation starts which reduces the chances of conception but due to today`s urban-influenced lifestyle habits, degraded food, milk and water quality, the problem in sperm is seen in early 30`s.

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A healthy sperm count in 2 ml of semen is ought to be at least 20 million to have a successful conception and good amount should be 40-50 million. It is quite low than what was previously assumed to be. Before WHO changed the quantity, 50 million sperms in 2 ml was taken as the minimum healthy sperm amount but the lifestyle changes and modern food habits changed the minimum required sperm-semen ratio for conception.

Relation Between Semen and Sperm:

Semen is made of various elements and is known as the power source of the body. The quality of Semen plays a vital role in sperms health. Semen contains protein and sugars which help the sperm to survive in the vagina and to reach the ovary. Sperms carry man`s DNA and semen preserves the sperm. Though excessive sex or masturbation does not reduces the chances of man`s potency, but it decreases the number, health and motility of sperms which adversely affects the conception. The health of child, his abilities and body capacity depends upon which sperm has conceived the egg. So, semen quality is quite important as it carries the sperms and every man should always preserve it and should try to maintain its quality by eating healthy and living with discipline.

What Are The Causes Of Low Sperm Count?

Sperm production is a continuous process of body. Whatever you do, whatever you eat and your habits impact the sperm quality. It is a complex and slow process which requires the good functioning of testicles, pituitary glands and hypothalamus. Besides, your nervous system and brain activities should be good in order to address the particular chemicals and hormones for right production. These are some of the main reasons that could be the cause for low sperm count.

Swollen and Infection – Varicocele is a disease in which the veins to testicles swollen. It results in poor quality of sperm. Besides, some infections also affect the health and motility of sperms. HIV, sexually transmitted diseases are some of the infections which can affect the sperm quality.

Medicines that harm sperms – Some antibodies work against sperms. They do not do it intentionally rather mistakenly identify sperms as a foreign element and try to destroy it in order to preserve immune system.

Hormone imbalances – Hormonal imbalances not only affect the sperm count but also affect the penile health. Pituitary glands and other parts produce hormones which supplement the sperm. Any alteration in their combination can harm sperm health.

Chromosome problems – It is an inherited disorder in which a man is born with two X chromosomes or one Y chromosome instead one X and one Y chromosome.

Environmental Reasons –Industrial chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents,painting material, etc., heavy metal exposure like lead or mercury, X rays radiation and radiations impact like mobile, fridge, T.V., signal transmitters, etc., Overheating of testicles due to hot atmosphere are some of the reasons which can affect the health of sperms negatively to the extent of infertility.

Drug addiction – Various drugs work to incite the mind and numb the penis. These drugs temporarily create excitement but damages the testicles and penis tissues. These drugs decrease the production of sperms.

Alcohol and tobacco use – Not only the sperm, if you want your sexual life healthy then leave these two addictions behind. Alcohol and smoking both negatively impact on the sperms count and sperm health.

Emotional stress – Someone`s emotional state plays a crucial game in deciding one`s health. If someone lives in depression or anxiety constantly, then his sperm health and sperm count decreases gradually.

Poor nutritional diet – It is also one of the main reasons for poor sperm health. If you want your sperms to be healthy, you should focus on what you eat. Semen is made of whatever you eat. It contains protein, sugar and various other elements. A good nutritional food helps in better nourishment of semen, energy to penis and health to sperms.

How to keep sperm healthy/ how to preserve sperms/ how to increase sperm count at home?

It is a knowledge which every man and woman should have. It can help a person in distress and give him hope and a way to come out. And it is for better. Knowledge is the only weapon to avoid miseries. There are various things which you can control and change to boost/ improve your sperm counts. As food is the main fuel of our body and it helps in production of sperms, we will also provide the info about those foods that increase sperm thickness and health.

Food To Increase Sperm Count –

These are the top foods to increase sperm count to increase sperm count. You should know that whatever you eat has the direct or indirect impact on your semen and sperm quality. So be mindful about what you intake.

Banana is a very healthy and beneficial food for a man. It contains so many rich elements that have a direct impact on the penis. It contains potassium, bromelain, vitamin B, etc. that boost libido and penile health and in turn sperm quality.

Eggs –
Egg is another good source of protein and other important penis health enhancing elements. It is known to make strong and healthy sperms in the testicles. Also, egg gives protection to the sperms to save them from damage.



Asparagus – Asparagus is a good vegetable to include in your food habit. The reason being it contains vitamin C which protects the sperms from damaging impact of immunity system.


Spinach Spinach is another rich source of natural supplements. It contains folic acid which makes sure the sperms don’t lose their natural shape. The low levels of folate can distort the sperm shape like in two headed or two tailed sperms. These kinds of sperms are not able to conceive and if it does so, the child would be with disabilities.

Oysters – Oysters are known for improving the sexual capacity of men. It increases the testosterone levels in men. Besides, it contains mineral which are the necessary element to make quality semen and healthy sperms which increases the chances of conceiving.
Garlic – Garlic is a very ancient food which has been used in various foods and Ayurvedic medicines. It is known for its powerful abilities to remove infectious elements from the body. Also it is good natural aphrodisiac that boosts natural penis ability. Garlic helps in improving the blood flow to the penis which results in better penis erection, semen quality and sperm preservation.


Walnuts – Walnuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids which are good supplement for improving the quality of semen. These acids not boost the erection quality but also help in deeper sexual health


Carrots – Carrots is good source of vitamin A and is known to improve the manliness in man. Vitamin A is helpful in increasing the production and motility of sperms. It also purifies the blood which helps in good energy circulation.


Pumpkin Seeds – These seeds are good to increase testosterone levels in the body and also in improving the semen quality. It also contains some fatty acids which mix in the blood and reach to penile organ to improve the quality of sperms.


Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is used in various potency and fertility medicines. Owing to its precious impact, the herb is suggested by various specialists. It increases testosterone levels, sperm quality, semen amount and sexual ability.


Maca Root – Maca root is basically used to boost libido and fertility. It is very beneficial in upgrading the sexual health. The overall impact of Maca root helps in improving the sperm quality and semen value for better conceiving chances.


Pomegranates – Pomegranates is very good fruit for general health and sexual health. This fruit is recommended in various sexual issues and is really helpful in improving the sexual ability.


Other Important Aspects To Keep Sperm Healthy:

Ejaculate after a certain time – It is important for every man. The semen and sperm production goes on consistently and so every man should know to make way for new semen and stronger sperms regularly like in one week. Be it by the way of masturbation or by sex.

Avoid poor lifestyle – When you lead a undisciplined lifestyle then not only the mind feels it but your body also falls for its evils. Hormones secretion becomes low and body inactivity leads to loss of energy. Alcohol and other addictions add to the worse conditions.

Control the weight –Weight can be a burden on your life in many ways. Not only in the form of heavy body but also decreases your sexual ability and conception power.

Illicit drugs –Stay away from things like steroids, marijuana, Viagra, etc. if you want to keep your sperm ability natural and healthy.

Stay happy and stay positive – As mind decides the secretion of various hormones and chemicals that contribute to the production of testosterone and semen in body so you should live in high spirits if you want your sexual life to be enjoyable.

Do You Know About Natural Treatment For Infertility?

If you are facing the problems in having conception then you should be aware about it. The above mentioned foods and lifestyle practices are helpful in preserving and producing new sperms but there are many stages and cases that need additional handling which means they need some professional medical assistance. These are the cases where sperm production does not go up, or sperm quality is not good enough, sperms are multi-shaped, sperm motility is weak, conception ability is not good, sperms do not endure after entering in the vagina, or some other reasons like less amount of sperm in semen or less semen production. To tackle these cases, there is one original and natural treatment available, called Babytone capsule. This is the product of Hashmi Dawakhana who have been in the field of male-female sexual treatments for a long time.

Babytone is trusty worthy and result oriented product which has been thoroughly tested to ensure its deep effect. The complete course cures all the abnormalities of sperms and semen and brings the new conceiving ability in men. It is true that not all the medicines are always successful, Babytone capsule has the success rate of around 93% which is not easily achievable. The medicine is formulated only from natural ingredients and is completely safe in its impact. Besides working on the health and quality of sperms, the medicine also improves the man`s erection and intercourse ability to ensure better sexual experience which in turn results in better testosterone production. Babytone fulfills the need of other foods and supplements. The medicine alone is sufficient to cure infertility in men. You can follow this link to know more about the medicine.

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