[client text_color=”” name=”Gunjan” company=”Big-B XL” img_src=”13469″]I never give much attention to my size until my marriage. I felt like I should be more tempting for my husband. He is very good to me and I think he deserve the best of me. So i ordered for Big B capsule after reading in a blog. I gained 2 inches difference in my cup size which was fulfilling for me. Thanx to Hashmi for making this beautiful medicine, he appreciates my beauty every day.[/client]
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[client text_color=”” company=”Hard Rock” img_src=”13471″ name=”Hari Singh”]I have read about erectile dysfunction at many places and tried some of the foods and exercises. But a man has to do so many things that there was not enough time every day. Then I tried Hard rock capsule. I thought it is a natural medicine, if it doesn’t bring benefits, it will also not have side effects. Let`s give it a try. After 2 months, now I can say that my decision was right. Hard rock does bring the difference. Thanx Dr. Hashmi ji[/client]
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