23 Natural Home Remedies For Breast Enlargement

breast enlargement

This blog is about woman`s breasts and the available best home remedies to increase breast size fast and safe. If you are looking for a medium to increase your breast size then continue reading. The woman`s breast start developing during puberty period, ie; 12-14 years of age. In this time, the breasts tissues respond to hormonal changes.
Estrogen and progesterone are the two main hormones that work in the formation and development of breasts. Various lifestyle and food factors work for the proper secretion of these hormones in the body. So, it is important to know about the beneficial eatables and home remedies for right growth. The list of home remedies for breast enlargement starts here.

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1. Exercises

Exercise is the first and foremost requirement if you are looking to increase the size. There are certain exercises that work on the chest area and helps in strengthening the pectoral muscles. Exercises such as like pushups, wall-pushups, bench press, chest presses and chest compression can help in natural and stable breast enlargement. These exercises help tone the skin and muscle tissues in and around the breast area. The result of these exercises shows up as the curvaceous and uplifted breasts. Check this link for complete details regarding breast exercises to increase breast size and how to do it.
exercises to increase breast size

2. How To Enlarge Breast With Massage 

Second most beneficial home remedy for breast growth fast is Massage. Massaging your breasts in the correct way can viably expand your breast size. Legitimate massaging helps in conditioning the muscles and increases blood flow in the breast area. It won’t just help in expanding your breast size but will also help in better breast health. Massage also nourishes the skin which helps in making the breasts look youthful and curvy. You can do the breast massage with olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or wheat germ oil, or alternatively try this specially made natural breast enlargement cream (Big B XL natural cream) for the best results. This is how you should do this;
breast enlargement Massage

  • Take some above mentioned oil or cream and apply it on the whole breast area excluding nipples.
  • Then start massaging the breasts in anti-clock circular motion, moving your hands from outward to internal area.
  • While doing this, mind the pressure with your hands. A light pressure is needed but not it should be moderate to avoid rashes and red skin.
  • While you do the massage, take care to cover all the breast area in the massaging.
  • Do massage for at least 10 minutes for good results.

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is a decent home remedy to increase breast size as it is a phytoestrogenic herb which gives the benefit of estrogen and progesterone in the body. This herb can help in enhancing breast size and firmness. Mix some fenugreek powder with a little water to make glue. Apply the glue on the breasts and massage tenderly. Do it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water. Do this twice every day for best results. To make fenugreek powder, dry roast and grind fenugreek seeds.
fenugreek-seed increase breast size

  •   Another alternative is to massage your breasts everyday with fenugreek oil, or a blend of one section fenugreek concentrate and two sections body lotion.
  • Apart from this, you can incorporate fenugreek seeds in your eating routine or take fenugreek as pills three times each day after proper counseling with your doctor.

4. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is said to be very effective in increasing breasts size due to the fact that it contains phytonutrients and unsaturated fats. The blend of these helps make the breasts become big and curvy.

  •    Saw palmetto is available in tea form in the market.
  •   Take the tea of saw palmetto for 2 times a day daily.
  •   This would need to be accomplished for a few months till the point you get desired    outcomes.

Saw Palmetto increase breast size

5.Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds help in increasing the breast size. It is possible due to the special element called flavonoids which is known to maintain the proper amount of estrogen in the body. As you know, estrogen is the primary player in determining the breasts size, Fennel seeds help in creating new breast tissues in the breasts.

  • Fennel seeds can be used in many ways. The most popular is its usage in doing breast massage. To make this oil, you need cod liver oil and fennel seeds. Mix two tablespoon of fennel seeds and one table spoon of Cod liver oil and heat it up in a container. When the fennel seeds become red, your recipe is ready. Separate the liquid and cool it. This is your oil for breast massage. You need to apply this on your breasts and massage lightly. Then leave it for 30 minutes like this and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this massage twice a day for 2 months to get the good results.
  • Alternatively, you can make tea using fennel seeds. To make fennel tea, boil one teaspoon of fennel seeds in some water for around 10 minutes and afterward strain it and drink it after cooling it.


Fennel seeds increase breast size

6. Pueraria Mirifica

In a study conducted in Thailand, it was found that pueraria mirifica is very beneficial in enlarging breasts and can increase breasts size. This herb can be found in the form of creams and capsules in health store. It contains various phytoestrogen promoting elements and also helps in reestablishing the pH level of the woman. When the hormones of the body get in proper amount, the breasts start looking bigger and better.

  • Consult your doctor to know about the right amount of capsule dosage.
  • The Pueraria Mirifica cream needs to be applied to the breasts.
  • Apply the cream and cover the breasts for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Wait for the cream to be absorbed by the skin.
  • Do this twice daily consistently.

Pueraria Mirifica increase breast size

7. Red Clover Flower

This is one herb that amaze due to its successful results in expanding breast size. This herb is known to increase breast size naturally. It also makes the beasts firmer and toned.

  • Get the dried red clover flower.
  • Put it in the heated water.
  • Make it soak for around 30 minutes.
  • Remove the red clover flowers.
  • Drink the blend for 2 – 3 times each day.
  • This would need to be done a couple of months to get the outcomes.

clover-flower for breast enlargemnt

8. Blessed Thistle

The capable estrogen properties of this herb helpsin amplifying the breasts size and also helps in increasing the milk for nursing moms. Besides expanding the breast size, the herb also helps in enhancing the blood flow to the breasts.


Blessed Thistle for breast enlargemnt

9. Wild Yam

Wild yam is a natural herb which is mainly found in North America. The herb is very useful in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also helps in enhancing various conditions identified with female health like breast development.

Wild Yam for breast enlargemnt

10. Home-made Smoothie

Homemade smoothie is good way to nourish the body nutritional requirements. This smoothie is specially made including all those necessary ingredients which contribute in building the breasts tissues. Get half cup of plain yogurt, one peeled orange, some grapes, half tablespoon flaxseed powder, onepeeled kiwi fruit, half peeled cucumber, and 3-4 strawberries. Blend it in the blender and your recipe is ready. Drink it daily for some weeks for good impact. This mixture helps in increasing the muscle thickness around breasts and thighs area.

Home-made Smoothie for breast enlargemnt


11. Dona Quai

This natural herb has been helpful in managing the production of estrogen and can become an extremely helpful herb in breast enlargement. The roots and concentrates of this herb benefit in breast development.


Dona Quai for breast enlargemnt

12. Onion Juice

You might wonder about the benefits of onion juice but this is right. The juice of onion can extremely benefit in the breasts growth. It also helps in making the breasts firmer and toned.

  • Take good, fresh onions.
  • Grind the onions to get the juice.
  • Apply the juice on the breasts before going to bed in the night.
  • Wash it off the following morning to dispose of the scent.
  • Repeat the process for two months to see the visible results.

Onion Juice for breast enlargemnt


13. Sea food

Sea food is a good food option to increase the breasts size. Starting from prawns, shellfish to sea fishes like tuna, all work viably to enlarge the breasts. Manganese is found in abundance in sea food which is a key part in hormone balance in the body. It advances for better hormonal levels and can build up estrogen production, assisting the breasts to grow fully.

Sea food for breast enlargemnt

14. Nuts

Nuts are the other good food that is loaded with protein and solid fats. Pistachios and Walnuts contain phytoe strogen while Almonds and Cashews are the good source of natural estrogen. Thus, incorporating these nuts in your eating routine can help increase the natural estrogen levels in the body which can strengthen the development of the breast tissues.

 Nuts for breast enlargemnt

15. Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are beneficial for the body anyway. When it comes to breast increase food, fruits like strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, apple, cherries are good source of phytoestrogen and natural estrogen as these fruits help in the natural secretion of estrogen which is the first need of breast development.Also, these foods work to bring down testosterone level in the female body which helps in better development of breast cells.


Fresh fruits

16. Olive oil with saw palmetto separate

Olive oil and saw palmetto both are good for breasts development. Its concentrate works as a very good mixture to massage the breasts. Olive oil has muscle conditioning capacities. On the other hand, saw palmetto contains phytosterols and unsaturated fats that help in supporting and expanding of breast tissues. To make the mixture, you need 4-5 drops of saw palmetto and mix it with one tea spoon of olive oil. This is your oil to do breast massage every night.



17. Foods helpful in Estrogen Production

There are many foods that help in increasing the body capacity of estrogen production that eventually helps in shaping the breast size naturally. Foods like garlic, pumpkin, split beans, soy, red beans, squash, eggplant,peas, oats, carrots, beets, apples, papaya, dates, fruits, and pomegranates should be the part of your daily menu.

18. Aloe Vera and Egg paste for toned breasts

It is a bit tricky method which needs to be done regularly but it surely brings its impact. The pack is made you need one egg and some Aloe Vera. Take one raw egg, mix its liquid thoroughly and add 2 tea spoons of Aloe Vera gel in it. Mix it well and then apply it on the breasts area. After applying, leave the breasts like this for 15 minutes to let the skin absorb it completely, then wash off with water.


19. Apple and Milk mask for breasts shape and appearance

This method is used to tone and carve the breasts and is very popular in various countries. This mask helps in supplementing the skin and tissues which results in better shape and appearance. It also enhances the collagen production, which is a very beneficial element in nourishing and maintaining the youth of skin. Collagen tightens the skin of breasts and brings the lifting impact.

Apple and Milk mask for breasts shape and appearance

To make this mask, you need one apple, and 1-1.5 glass of milk. Remove the seeds of the apple but leave the skin. Cut the apple into pieces and put these pieces in milk and heat this till the time, apple softens. As soon as it comes into soft form, mash it in the remaining milk at once thoroughly. Wait for the mixture to come down to little warm feel and then apply this paste at your breast area and neck area. Take care that the blend is not too cold or too hot. After that, leave the paste for 20 minutes so that your skin is able to soak the beneficial elements then remove it with damp cloth.

20. Egg yolk, cucumber and butter mask

This is another hand crafted mask that helps to make your breasts firmer and in shape. To make this mask, you need half of a cucumber. Grind it and squeezeit to get the juice. Mix one egg liquid in two teaspoons of butter and mix it in the cucumber juice. Blend all the three ingredients thoroughly and apply this paste on the breasts and upper chest area.


Once the paste gets dry, apply second layer upon it. Just like this, apply 3-4 layers on the breasts and then leave for 30 minutes. After that, remove the material with a moist cotton material and then wash off with warm water using mild cleanser.

21. Fennel Seed and Fenugreek mixture

Fenugreek is good for breast development and so is fennel seed. This mixture helps in taking the benefit of both these herbs in one go. To make this mixture, grind fenugreek and fennel seeds together and make a paste of it. Add 1 tea spoon of milk cream in this paste. Now your blend is ready. Use this to massage your breasts twice every day. This paste will help in increasing the breasts size.


Fennel Seed and Fenugreek mixture

22. Egg yolk, Vitamin E and Curd mask to increase breast size

This mixture helps in increasing the shape and size of the breasts while nourishing the skin which brings the overall change in the breasts appearance.

Mix one egg with 2 spoons of sour curd. Blend it well and then add the whole content of vitamin E capsule in it. This is the pack that you need to apply on the breasts and neck area. Let the skin soak allt eh nourishment from it and remove it after 40 minutes with a soft and damp cotton cloth. If necessary, you can use warm water and light cleanser. If the smell of egg is too strong, you can mix some drops of essential oil in the cleaning mixture.


23. Natural/ Ayurvedic Medicine For Breast Growth

While there are numerous home remedies for breast growth fast, there are a very few medical options that actually work on breast development. One such medicine to increase breast size without side effects is Big B XL. This is the natural supplement to increase breast size and shape while maintaining the beauty of youth. It works to balance the estrogen levels and increases the blood flow to the breasts area that triggers the new cell formation in breast. Besides, it tightens and repairs the loose breast cells that help in uplifted and toned breasts. Big BXL comes in two forms, cream and capsule. Both have the similar impact with the difference in their usage method. The medicine is the complete alternative for all other breast enlargement remedies.

Breast Enlargement TreatmentThese home remedies for breast enlargement are the ones which are known for the direct impact on the breasts appearance. If there is any doubt, query or feedback, you can simply comment below for responses.



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