Sex Problem In Male : Know The Causes And Treatment

What Is Sex Power And Sex Problem?

Sex power and sex problem are the two aspects of one coin. Whereas sex power is described as the capacity of a human being to indulge in Sex Power And Sex Problemsex enthusiastically and passionately to achieve the physical and mental sex satisfaction, the sexual problem is a phase when a person fails to do so. Basically, sex problem is a phrase which is by default related to male sex issues though sex problems in females are also very common. Today, in this blog you will learn about some of the important aspects of sex life and sex health.

Sex Power 

Sex power includes that energy in the body which incites a man or woman to indulge in physical activities of private parts. This sexual Sex Power energy can be seen in the form of arousal and erection in man and in form of lubrication of vagina and tight nipples in females. Sex power is the burning fire of sex act and it inspires both the partners to reach orgasms to satisfy the running sensation. The more the sex power, the more the spark, the more the passion and in turn extreme sexual experience. So far the man is concerned, it is directly connected to his manliness and existence. Though it is not always necessary that a muscular and heavy man will have the more sex power than a lean man but body energy has the direct relation to sex power. The testosterone level decide a man`s build, his attitude, his aggressiveness in bed and his sex power.

Sex Problem

If a man fails to perform well in bed or if he does not feel the sensation and arousal for sex, then it is because of some sort of sexual problem. Not all the sex problems are permanent and a person`s psychology and lifestyle has a great part in deciding a person`s sexual efficiency. Sexual problems are for a long time, been seen in our society, as a subject of shame and weakness. People forget that our body is a biological machine and issues can creep in as every person has a different approach to life. This feeling of hesitation, fear and despair further spoils the condition of a person. Instead, if the proper treatment is taken, most of the issues can be overcome in time and a happy and satisfying sexual life can be lived.

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Source Of Sex Power

 To lead a happy and healthy sexual life, one should have the knowledge about his body. If you are young/ adult man then you should remember this for all your life whatever you are going to read. A man`s sexual energy is in his semen. The more you save it the more it will energize you. It is not only the source of your sexual energy but the source of your body energy. If you waste it abruptly in the momentary pleasure, you will find fatigue, weakness, laziness, slow mind, weak memory, lean body structure, and will lose hope and passion for life. It is the center point of body and mind energy. A man`s semen is known as the precious liquid of life source. It is the bringer of life on earth. As much you preserve it, you will gain from it.

As per Ayurveda and Natural Methodology, it is said that every man has his own share of life energy. As the man grows, he uses it in attaining different type sexual pleasures. If you use it with preservation and restraint, you will be able to reach to higher grounds of life while indulging in worldly pleasures and if you don’t care for it, you will succumb to weakness, pain, mental agony and diseases in your body.

So, either you are a young man or a mature man, you should always care for your energy and should always try to gain strength. The more you gain, the more you can use and live happy and healthy life.

Factors Determining Sex Power

 The factors that determine your sex power are those which you do in long run. From your childhood to your adulthood, everything matters. So, don’t take your life for granted. Make something from it or waste everything, it is in your capability. These are the primary factors that decide your sexual energy.

Your Diet –protein rich foods Diet is the most important part of it. Body is a machine and food is the fuel. The good the quality of the food, the better the body capacity will be. A man is taken as the symbol of strength. Good nutritious food is very important for a man. Until you intake energy, you won`t be able to preserve energy. Every food has some unique element and unique impact on body and diet should not be selective (unless your doctor tells you so). Take protein rich food, fruits, dairy products, etc. All these have a good impact on body.


ExerciseImage result for Exercise gif Exercise is energy creation. The more you work on yourself, the more energy you will feel in you. Energy gained from exercise is not only physical energy it also brings stability and strength to mind. And don’t forget, the energy creation is energy preservation. It supplements your semen and the result would show in form of bigger manliness.

Masturbation – Masturbation is seen as a condemning and shameful act but people are becoming mature with time. To say directly, Masturbation is good for health, only and if only, it is done in right manner and with restraint. Never forget this clause. Otherwise you will start seeing the negative impacts soon enough. Masturbation could become the balance between your mental and physical desires or it can become the destroyer of your semen and life energy. No matter what anyone tells you always remember that masturbation is good if it is done with restraint. Don’t get addicted to it. Don’t always think about sexual thoughts or this practice will give you most horrible sex problems in future. The best way to avoid addiction is to focus on productive and positive thoughts and avoid unnecessary isolation.

 Alcohol and Smoking – Alcohol and SmokingI don’t think I need to mention about these things as everyone knows how dangerous these are. But still, as a reminder, alcohol and smoking directly affects your sexual energy, shrinks your penis veins, weakens your penis cells, decrease the blood flow and energy circulation to penis and destroys your sexual energy more than anything.

Benefits Of Good Sex Power

 A good sex power means a good sexual experience. A good sexual experience includes everything. From quick and passionate arousal to hard and strong erections, from engaging foreplay to intense intercourse, from stable and long lasting erections to long lasting control on ejaculation to deliver enhanced intercourse timing, from longer stamina to explosive orgasms, everything comes in the area of sex power. And there is no alternate to sex energy. It is the natural gift to man from nature. A man can satisfy a woman deeply only when he has the capacity to bear his own sexual desires and that capacity comes from preserving sexual energy and body energy.

Sex Problems

Sex problem is dent on the manliness of a man. It breaks the self-esteem and confidence of man. He not only loses his sexual pleasures but also loses the grip from normal life. Sex problems can send a man to despair and gloom and spoils his life. Those young men who come to know about their sexual weakness before marriage they fear for these sex problems in marriage and ignore the time as long as possible. Though ignorance and avoidance is never the solution of anything, people try to fool themselves. Instead, a man should raise his sex problem questions to a good specialist and he will surely find a proper way. (Hashmi pharmacy link) is one of such good names for that.

Types of sex problems – In this blog, we are particularly talking about sex problem in man. Sex problem in females will be covered in another blog to give it proper space. Sex problem can be of two types basically;

  • Physical
  • Psychological

Both are complex and serious. While the physical issues can be treated with relevant sex problem medicine, the psychological issues need good counseling, mind practice and cooperation. In any case, both the aspects should be taken care as both are supplementary to each other. If we talk about sex problems caused due to physical and psychological reasons, then these are some of the main scenarios.

Premature Ejaculation It is the first and foremost issue that aPremature ejaculation man can encounter in his sexual life. Premature ejaculation is a condition when a man, no matter how much he tries, ejaculates in the first 1 or 2 minutes of intercourse and sometimes even before intercourse just by small sexual stimulation. If the event is frequent, then it comes under this sex problem. This issue is said to be mainly caused by weak psychological aspects like nervousness, overthinking about sex, concentration on orgasm, over excitement, excessive porn watching, weak mental stability and mind control, etc. But the issue can also happen due to weak veins, damaged and weak penis control due excessive masturbation, weakness of body, inactive lifestyle, diseases like obesity and diabetes, alcohol & smoking addiction, etc.

Erectile DysfunctionThis issue is mostly found in middle aged and elderly man but not limited to that. Due to undisciplined and unhealthy modern life, even young men come under the influence of this issue. In this issue, a man fails to gain full and strong erection required for sexual intercourse. And even he gains so, it fades as soon as he tries to enter his partner or after he enters his partner. This cause can be psychological if the partner is new and the man is not experienced enough. It can be overcome with engaging talk and by increasing intimacy. If it due to physical reasons such as weakness of veins, incapability of penis to hold blood, low amount of blood flow to penis, low level of testosterone, excessive and harsh masturbation, ill care of penis, contraction of penis tissues, etc. The physical erectile dysfunction can be treated with right natural medicine.


Low libido and low sexual stamina – This is a situation when aLow libido and low sexual stamina man starts feeling low waves of sensation and dull arousal. Even if he thinks to attain the passionate erection, he fails. A feeling of fading energy and unpreparedness to indulge in sex act seeds deep in his heart and he tries to avoid frequent sexual encounter to gain sufficient energy to perform well in bed. This situation is mainly physical. The psychological aspects are very rare here like when a man is extreme depression, stress, anxiety and is not able to think about happiness or when he has been through a lot of sex experience recently. Otherwise the low libido is the signal of dying energy in you. It could be the result of abrupt wastage of semen, or weak body structure, or some disease, or other aspects that come in the necessary elements to have good sexual energy. This situation also can be treated with right natural or ayurvedic medicine but one will have to take care of other life aspects as well.

InfertilityInfertilityThis is a rare condition which can happen due to physical reasons like weakness of sperms, poor motility of sperms, less amount of sperms, less amount of semen, etc. This issue can be treated with herbal treatments and sex problem medicine, depending on the individual case which counts his genetic combination, his hormone production, his sperm stability and health, his body adaptability, etc.


Proper way of Identification of sex problem – How to know about sex problem?

It is very important to know about sex health and how to know about the sex problem, only then you would become able to counter it. The internet is filled with various articles and various reports about how to know identify a particular issue but only some tells about the right details. Similarly, world is filled with haqeems and so-called specialists who only aim to lure the new customer. So, one should have the proper knowledge about all the sexual issues and its symptoms. Sex problems and solutions can be done sooner or later but the right point is, are you really under the influence of any sex problem.

Figure out by asking yourself following sex problem questions;

  • First, either you are a healthy man or not, sexual issues can come to anyone. The best way to know if you are suffering from any issue or not is to have knowledge of most common sexual issues and their symptoms. Check other blogs post of HashmiMart Blog to know about sex problem in man in detail.
  • If you feel that you have any issue then compare your issue with symptoms of that sex problem.
  • Have you given due importance to psychological aspects as well? Because most of the times, it is your mind that create misconceptions.
  • If your conditions match to any issue, consider checking the facts with other knowledge source. Don’t just drown yourself in to despair and gloom and don’t let the cloud of doubts temper your judgement.
  • Are you facing the problem consistently for a long time? Have you tried to change your mind set and your way of doing the things? It works.
  • Have you tried to discuss the sex problem with your sex partner? Have you asked for her opinion about your performance in bed and if she is with you for a good time, has she noticed any decrement in your performance.
  • Are your girlfriend/ wife unsatisfied with your performance in bed? Try to talk to her about this and know what she desires more? Foreplay, oral sex or intercourse. May be you are missing one of the point.
  • The above mentioned points are to help you clear your doubts and to save you from falling prey to your mind`s doubts. In case you have direct and frequent sex problems like quick ejaculation in intercourse, weak or soft erections, inability to penetrate her due to small penis or soft penis, low sex libido or sex excitement, weakness and fatigue in general life, low stamina and sudden tiredness during sex, then you should go for safe and proper treatment asap.

Methods Of Treatment Of Male Sex Problems:

sex problems and solutions

There are various methods for sex problems and solutions. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Unani etc. All these are different and the most preferable are Ayurveda and Unani. Why? Because these two methods have come from the knowledge of nature and are very ancient. Both these methods are safe and work to remove the cause by improving the body capacity. When it comes to sex problem medicine, nothing can stand in comparison to powerful and precious natural herbs. Even allopathic medicines come with the ingredient of natural substances to gain the trust of users.

Ayurveda specifies the complete biology and combination of sex energy and how to preserve it and gain it. It is the tried and proven method and with time and technology, it has been upgraded by constant research and testing led by various natural medicine manufacturers. Hashmi Pharmacy is a name worth mentioning in this context as it is the premier pharmacy, dedicated to formulate pure natural medicines to treat all male-female sexual problems since 1929. Their experience and expertise has established them as a reliable and quality medicine manufacturer who can be trusted for its unmatched, powerful, quick result oriented, soothing and completely safe natural treatments. You can follow this link to reach them. They also provide free consultation as well provide perfect treatment as per the issue.



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