Alcohol Addiction Treatment : Know About Alcoholism And Its Treatment


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Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Know About Alcoholism And Its Treatment

Alcoholism is one of the biggest threats that the world is facing right now. The main reason is the fact that liquor/ alcohol is probably the only addiction which is legally sold in the market. It is the drink which is legal and which is served everywhere with the permission of law. And it is making the situation worse. Though there are lots of alcohol addiction treatment available in the market but there would no need of all those things in first place if there would had been any prohibition on alcohol. Be that as it may, today we have provided detailed information on topics like what is alcohol addiction, what are the symptoms and side effects, when alcohol addiction treatment should be taken, what is the most suitable treatment available, etc.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction implies having undesirable or unsafe drinking propensities, for example, drinking every day or drinking excessively at once. Liquor dependence can hurt your relations, makes you ignore work, and prompt legitimate issues, like driving while smashed (inebriated). When you become an alcohol addict, you keep on drinking despite the fact that you know your drinking is causing issues in your personal and professional life.

If you keep on consuming liquor even when you know its negative impact, then alcohol abuse turns into alcohol addiction. In alcohol addiction, you feel a strong urge to drink. You have an inclination that you should drink just to get by.

It weakens your self-instincts, decreases your determination power, reduces the judging capacity and results in despair and depression. These issues collaterally damage your self-esteem and further force you into the habit of alcohol consumption.

You are dependent on alcohol if you are into three or more of following habits,

  • You have to drink more to get the same impression and feel.
  • You feel withdrawal symptoms, which arise when body gets used to drinking. These feelings include stomach sickness, anxiety and shakiness.
  • You have tried multiple times to reduce the limit of consumption but fails repeatedly.
  • You ignore other important tasks just to make time for alcohol consumption.
  • You drink in routine even when it starts damaging your relationships, body, health, financial and other matters

What Is More Than Normal Consumption Amount?

Alcohol has become a part of every celebration, function or get together. Though it is always better to stay away from this evil, most people fall for it due to misleading movies, commercials and modern age trends. Whether you are sharing a good news or it is your birthday, most people ask for alcohol for celebrations. As the controlled amount of liquor works as anti-depressant and a temporary solution to anxiety, people used to take alcohol to feel light. But how this small consumption turns into excessive addiction, most people even don’t get it in due time. As they say, prevention is better than cure, remember this limit and check yourself before you fall into the trap.

  1. A woman who takes more than 3 drinks at one time or more than 7 drinks a week.
  2. A man who takes more than 4 drinks at one time or more than 14 drinks a week.

Alcohol Abuse Gives Birth To Alcohol Addiction:

It is of high importance to understand that alcohol dependence works as the initial steps to pave way to alcoholism. It is a slow and silent process. So, the more you know about your habit, the more there are the chances for your escape. These are the main behavioral signs that indicate about your inclination for alcohol addiction.

  • You feel the urge of drinking in the morning, even when you are alone, even when you don’t have any reason to drink.
  • Often bring drunk for long hours.
  • Changing the taste just to divert the attention from alcohol, like from beer to wine because you start thinking that it might result in lesser consumption.
  • A feeling of guilt after drinking.
  • Making excuses just to drink every day, hiding your drinking by efforts like taking material from different stores.
  • Separating yourself from your well-wishers and ignoring the family, just to drink.
  • Experiencing blackouts, when you don’t remember what you did while drinking.
  • Worrying that you will not get enough alcohol or you should drink more to satisfy your needs.

What are The Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is hard to determine as it is closely related and involved in many social structures and different people except different limits as legitimate. Yet some of the general symptoms that an alcohol addict face, are mentioned below,

  • Increased quantity and frequency of consumption repeatedly
  • High body capacity and tolerance for alcohol
  • Less Hangover symptoms and more drinking
  • Taking drinking as the most sacred thing, showing special affection with liquor
  • Start consuming liquor at inappropriate timings and at inappropriate places
  • Always ready to go to places where alcohol is available
  • Change in friends. Heavy alcohol users become best friends
  • Avoiding contact with loved ones and family
  • Increased depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, less patience and continuous mood swings
  • Prioritizing alcohol above everything including job, relations and social reputation

Alcohol addiction is the stage when a person starts falling without any push and without any interruption. This is the time when the person suffering from this habit needs full support, emotional and psychological so that he/she understands the situation. As alcohol addiction starts bringing other major issues in the body, it is important to make the sufferer understand to leave alcohol.

What Other Side Effects Are Associated With Alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a very critical problem in itself but it also brings some other major damages to the body like,

  • Cancer
  • Ulcers
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Damaged digestion function
  • Diabetes complication
  • Bone loss
  • Weak memory
  • Vision problems
  • Suppressed immune function

Besides, alcohol addiction also invites major road accidents and becomes the reason for instant crimes. If the habit is not treated with proper alcohol addiction treatment in time, it also becomes the reason for suicide for some people. So, alcohol addiction does not shaming or hating, it needs care, love and treatment.

What Is The Standpoint For Alcohol Addiction?

If one is struggling with his/her alcohol addiction then early treatment is best. Addictions that have gone on longer are harder to break. Though, with right treatment and positive approach, long haul addictions can also be left.

Somebody with a liquor dependence who has stayed calm for a considerable length of time or years may end up drinking once more. Eventually, moderated observance is the responsibility of the individual who is in the liquor consumption habit. It’s critical to not empower dangerous practices and to keep up fitting limits if the individual with the liquor dependence is still drinking. To control this, follow the means like cutting off budgetary help or making it hard for them to obtain liquor. As a friend or family member of somebody with a liquor habit, try to empower him/her to get rid of this habit and enjoy the small things of life.

Before starting treatment, the sufferer should make sure that he/she is willing to leave the alcohol because when you do it is quite hard in initial days. Your determination will be challenged, you will feel weak and alone but you have to be on your way.

If you are unable to figure it out yourself as to when it is time to leave this habit behind, then you can take help of your family or friends. The points that can be analyzed are,

  • Frequent drinking
  • Quick shifts in behavior
  • Poor performance at office or school
  • Excuses for ignoring important works
  • Always ready to drink
  • Acts of violence or crime
  • No or less interest in hobbies

How The Alcohol Addiction Treatment Is Generally Done?

Treatment relies upon how terrible your liquor abuse is. A few people can reduce to a direct level of drinking with assistance from a guide. Individuals who are dependent on liquor may require therapeutic treatment and may need to remain in a doctor’s facility.

Your specialist may decide that you first require detoxification, or detox, before you begin treatment. You require detox when you are physically dependent on liquor. When you experience detox, you may require prescription to help with withdrawal indications.

After detox, you concentrate on staying alcohol free. A great many people get some sort of treatment, for example, bunch directing. You additionally may require medication to enable you to remain calm. When you are calm, you’ve ventured out recuperation. To increase full recuperation, you have to find a way to enhance different aspects of your life, for example, figuring out how to manage work and family. This makes it less demanding to remain calm.

You will probably require support to remain calm and in recuperation. Recuperation is a long haul process, which sometimes takes more time than you expect. It solely depends upon your will power and your capacity to control your addiction desires.

Treatment doesn’t concentrate on alcohol consumption alone. It addresses different parts of your life, similar to your connections, work, medicinal issues, and living circumstances. Treatment and recuperation bolster you in rolling out positive improvements so you can live without liquor.

The natural Alcohol Treatment Medicine That Will Save You From Addiction –Antobacus Alcohol Treatment Medicine

The person suffering from alcohol abuse might or might not admit that he/she needs help but it is weakness or a fatal cause that invites this addiction in one`s life. So, help is something of great value. To give you complete support and strength to deal with alcohol addiction, Antobacus is the natural alcohol addiction pills.

Antobacus is a pure natural formulation, made by Hashmi, to cure the addiction of alcohol in the natural manner. This alcohol addiction medicine is made using powerful and rare natural herbs that are mentioned in old scriptures to be helpful in supporting a person, struggling with alcohol abuse. This medicine is fully researched and tested natural medicine that has the direct impact on the mind and body of the sufferer. It detoxifies the body and gives it the required strength to make you able to stand against alcohol consumption. When a person wants to leave alcohol, the only thing that stops his/her way is keen desire to drink that comes every now and then. This medicine works on that keen desire, and removes it from your mind.

How Antobacus Alcohol Addiction Medicine Works?

Antobaucs is an innovative alcohol addiction treatment in India that is approved by ISO and GMP certifications for its good grade formulations and safe impact. The complete treatment process of Antobacus is divided into three stages,

  • Detoxification: It is the first stage of treatment of alcohol addiction. When a person stops the consumption of alcohol altogether, he may experience withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification is the first stage in the recovery process. The most severe reactions of leaving alcohol are seen in first 28 to 48 hours of quitting. Antobacus helps in keeping up the body stability to help reduce the negative impacts of leaving liquor. It happens in the first few days of starting of the course.


  • Rehabilitation – It is the mid process and the most important process of alcohol addiction treatment. After detoxification, this process starts. Now the sufferer does not feel the extreme urge to consume alcohol and the impacts of leaving the alcohol are not that hard. In this time, the most difficult is to maintain focus on other recreational things and ignore the constant desire to spare some time to indulge in alcohol consumption. Autobacs does it work in the body to minimize the pain, desire and other side effects. It is a slow and gradual process. Someday the user might feel a bit low, the other he feels ok. It is the constant push when the user increases his/her capacity. The herbs work to make the body functionality normal and help in better digestion.


  • Maintenance – It is the final stage of alcohol addiction treatment process. Now, you come in the final stage of your course. Now, you are out of the mud and feels better, stands firm and have regained your sense of judgement. Now, the only thing that you have to do is maintain your progress. For this, keep doing what you are doing and continue the course for its final phase. Antobacus slowly moves you out of your dilemma and give you a steady and firm grip in your life.

Like already said, Alcohol addiction is bad but it should not be taken in the critics way. A person who suffers from this issue, mostly gets into this due to his/her inability to find a proper way to lead the life. The good and guided support can help the sufferer come out of this situation forever.

Ingredients :

Cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose,Pregelatinized starch, Lactose, Colloidal silica, Salyiamiltiorrhyza, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Magnesium steareate, Microcrystalline cellulose

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