Shampoo For Normal Hair : Hair Nutrient


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  • Heena deep-conditions Hair
  • Adds Shine and Strength
  • Green Tea Extract repairs damaged hair
  • Controls Frizz

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Hashmi shampoo for normal hair with certified organic ingredients to restore dry/damaged hair, for healthy/glossy locks, to revitalize bounce and to promote a healthy scalp.  Hashmi herbal for normal hair is a reputed, trusted and valued natural products brand.

Hashmi herbal shampoo that’s formulated for normal, dry, oily, and color-treated hair. Supports regeneration and stimulates blood circulation to the skin and hair roots. it is a best treatment for your hair.

Styling is a part of the process but only healthy hair can turn out looking gorgeous No hair spray or gels can work wonders for limp, dry and lifeless hair. For everything ever written in literature about beauty, the locks have a romanticism of their own. Everyday hectic life takes a toll on hair when one has no time to take care of them. With the sun’s UV rays forever shining on the locks, damage is bound to happen. Our Natural ingredients, on the other hand , cleanse hair without harming the hair follicles and nourish them for a better growth and glossier look.

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