Vagitot Vagina Tightening Cream : A Soothing Treatment for Serious Issue


Main Benefits Of Vagitot Cream :-

  • Tones the vagina layers
  • Increases lubrication
  • Increases vaginal blood flow
  • Increase sexual stimulation and sensation
  • Improves friction and excitement
  • Makes the vagina healthy and free from infections
  • Removes bad odor and itchiness
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Happier sex life as ever
  • Increases libido
  • Improves the tightness of vagina skin
  • Helpsin achieving orgasms more often
  • Delays the ageing impression on the vagina
  • 100% natural and safe

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Vagitot Vaginal Cream – One Cream, Numerous Benefits

Vagitot Vagina tightening cream is made for those ladies who feel loosenessvagina-tightening-cream in their vagina or do not enjoy sex life due to issues like dryness, itchiness, pain, infection, bad odor, or other similar problems. This natural cream is made to cure all types of problems of vagina that arise in the normal course of life and spoils the tender feelings of sex life. The cream is very effective and powerful solution made to give the one stop medicine in the comfort of their home. It helps maintaining the privacy of the female while properly treating the issue because it gives complete treatment and saves the sufferer from physically visiting the clinic.

Woman is always taken as the sensitive and tender human being who is full of emotions and love. But what if she is having problems in her life which she can`t even disclose to anyone. Personal physical issues like looseness in vagina which tend to come after a certain age, distance the woman from enjoying that friction and sensation which she once used to enjoy in her youth. The right to enjoy sex is equal for both the partners and these issues cannot be given space to make them spoil the enjoyment. So, proper treatment is necessary and this vaginal cream is always a name that stands like true friend. Hashmi pharmacy is famous for its natural treatments for all female sexual and general health problems for generations.

Why vagina tightening cream?

Women are very sensitive and concerned about their body health in comparison to men. But when it comes to sexual health, women find it more difficult to find a right solution than men. So, when the issue of looseness in vagina arises, which is a normal occurrence that could come in the course of life becomes a headache. So how to tighten vagina with an assurance to gain results without bothering? It is when Hashmi pharmacy came forward with a solution with this vagina tightening cream which is only available medicine in natural methodology.

Vagitot for vagina tightening–

When this medicine first came in the market there were doubts as to could a cream bring such an impact on the vagina to bring back its toned feel and sensation. The clouds of doubt were high when the feed backs of users came in who stated that the medicine surely is different from other available sexual health products. Vagitot is the mixture of precious natural herbs that get absorbed by the vagina skin when applied, and starts its work.

As per Dr. Hashmi, “This is not a general cream. We made it in the form of cream just to bring the convenience of its use and make it more effective because the cream directly works on the part where it has to. The cream gets absorbed in the skin and then repairs the vagina tissues while helping form the new one. It removes the hurdles and improves the blood flow to the part while removing the infections and bad bacteria which reduce the sensitivity and lubrication of the vagina.”

This women sex cream is not only beneficial for tightening and toning the vagina but it also removes all the bad bacteria and infections which create bad odor and burning sensation.

One user Katherine (U.K.) wrote in appreciation of this cream, “I am a big fan of natural treatment and because India is the ancient source of natural treatments so I ordered this cream after reading online about the pharmacy. I am 31 years old and married to a loving husband. For some time, I was not finding that much excitement in having sex and also feeling burning sensation while touching the part. I could not tell this to my husband due to our newly married life and so I secretly opted for this cream. After the continuous use of 3 weeks, I found the lost sensation and lubrication. It is the magical treatment for me which has given me the solution for my most worrying issue without seeing any sexologist. I thanks the manufacturers from the core of my heart who put their real efforts in making something that holds value on real ground.”

This vaginal cream is completely safe from any kind of side effects risk due to its all natural herbal ingredients and formulation technique which ensures thorough research and testing before any market issue.

If you want to gain the toned and youth feel in your vagina once again and experience that friction and sensation, then use this cream and feel your world rejuvenating again.

How to know that my vagina is getting loose?

Though woman needs her body than any other still these are the main signs of looseness in vagina,

  • Lovemaking is no more enjoyable and sensational
  • Less friction and lubrication in the vagina while having intercourse
  • Less orgasm feel and less stimulation in touching
  • Dissatisfaction in your partner
  • Dull arousal and more efforts to get the enjoyment

Is vagitot cream safe?

Yes. The cream is completely safe from all types of side effects due to its pure mix of natural ingredients. The cream is completely tested and researched medicine which is proven for its long term results and quick& soothing impact.

What is the course duration and how long the results will last?

The course duration of this women sex cream generally ranges for 2-3 months in which the cream works to remove the infections, bad odor, looseness, tightens the skin, forms new blood cells in the vagina and improves blood flow for better arousal and sexual experience. The results of the medicine last for a long time though it solely depends upon your habit of caring and protection.

Ingredients of Vagitot:

PuerariaMirifica and tropical herb extracts, Water and Propylene, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Carbopol


Take the cream equal to the pea seed and apply it on the vagina`s outer layers while massaging slowly. Do it every night before going to bed.

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