22 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Every man puts his best efforts in bed to become the successful lover in bed. You take precautions at every step on your love day but then, when the time strikes on the clock, you find your libido buried deep under the sand. You can’t find it, you don’t even know how it happened because you were all excited to make play a big show. But now you are feeling dull and out of focus. Have you given any thought that it could be due to your food? Not a bit, I guess. How can a food drag down a man’s libido instead of boosting it? Well, here is the list for your kind information. Maintain a little distance from these foods if sex is on your check list tonight.

1. Soy Food –

Soy food is known for its female hormones characteristics. Soy is a good source of phytoestrogen hormone which is the primary source of estrogen. It could disbalance the male hormone (testosterone) levels if taken in excess. This could result in depression of libido and a low sex drive instead of high thoughts. Besides, it also affects the quality of semen.

Soy Foods

2. Processed Carbs –

Refined carbohydrates, such as bleached white floor can reduce the testosterone levels and bring down the intensity of vigor. The refined carbs contain sugar that not only increases weight but also triggers estrogen levels which is a negative sign for a man’s sex drive.

Processed Carbs

3. Alcohol Blunder –

Everyone knows the effects of alcohol. The good and bad of consuming alcohol are constantly debated with no consensus. The balance of alcohol is in its moderation. While light consumption is said to ignite the desires and excitement, the excess amount on daily basis can gift you many sexual issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive.

Alcohol blunder

4. Cheese –

If you are planning to break the bed tonight then limit your cheese intake. Cheese is mostly made of cow’s milk which includes synthetic hormone. It can mess with man’s hormonal levels that directly impact on the sex drive.


5. Mint –

Mint is important to mention in this list. Most men try mint flavor to make the kissing pleasant and fresh but they know a little about its bad play on testosterone level. If you are worried about your breath, try another fruit flavor instead.


6. Hormones Inciting Foods –

Some foods like red meat, asparagus, garlic, dairy products, and some spices can mess with testosterone levels if taken in excess. Besides, these foods also change the body smell, semen, and breath to bad. You can avoid these foods easily or take them in light amount.

Hormones inciting foods

7. Microwaveable Popcorns –

You might be going for a movie with your date and then it’s obvious to bring popcorns in the interval time to comfort your loved one. But, hold it right here, let her eat, you keep a slight distance, not from your girlfriend but from these lucrative popcorns. The bag’s lining contains perfluorooctanoic acid that affects the male sex drive.

Microwaveable Popcorns

8.Coffee –

Don’t get confused, coffee really is a good thing to increase sexual stimulation but not for those men who are sensitive to caffeine. If you are such a man, taking the coffee can make you anxious and irritated which is, in no way, gonna help you in your endeavors.

Say no to Coffee

9. Soft Drinks-

Every other day, some study comes out claiming to find new evidence of the negative impact of regular consumption of soft drinks on health. But then there are some ground proofs that suggest the diet soda can actually affect the Serotonin hormone in the body. The artificial sweetener in the soft drinks is the culprit for this. The serotonin hormone is responsible for joy and happiness and if it is not present, the sex cannot turn enthusiastic.

Say No to Soft Drinks

10. Licorice –

Licorice is not suitable for men. It contains a natural element named glycyrrhizin that reduces testosterone levels in men significantly.


11. High Fat Foods –

Fried food is known to make body slow and heavy, it also is known to kill libido due to the presence of hydrogenated fat. Avoid high fat and oily food on the big day.

High fat Foods

12. Processed Foods –

The processed food loses most of its nutrients in the process of processing including zinc and other important elements. The zinc is the mineral responsible to supplement the sexual health of man. The refined food like processed wheat flour works to limit insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes and in turn affect sexual health.

Stop Processed Foods

13. Marijuana –

Known for its dreamy impact, marijuana is notorious in reducing the testosterone impact in the body for at least 24 hours.


14. Shrimp –

The shrimps are protected with a layer of an endocrine disruptor to save it from discoloration. The endocrine disruptor means the elements that affect the male-female hormonal levels. If you want to take seafood, make sure it is organic.

Say no to Shrimp

15. French Fries –

French fries taste good, and we can’t resist them whenever we go Mac-D, but a man should control his hand in eating French fries as it contains a good amount of trans fat that diminishes sex drive. Instead, you can try potato fries.

French Fries

16. Canned Soup-

The canned soup and similar packed meals contain a high amount of dietary sodium which can lead to high blood pressure and low blood flow to various parts of the body. If the blood flow is not normal to genitals, it would directly affect the arousal level and sexual performance.

Canned Soup

17. Packed Meat –

The packed meat in the supermarkets is packed in PVC material. This material gets into fatty elements of the food. The impact comes on the hormonal levels of the body.

Avoid Packed Meat

18. Bottled Water –

The water is good but the bottle is not. Bisphenol A or BPA can harm the fertility and sexual efficiency of both men and women. This chemical component is found in most of the cans and plastic containers.

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

19. Your Meds –

Though it is not a food item but as you also swallow it, we thought we should mention it. Besides, it could contribute significantly to changing the urge for sex. Antidepressants and various other types of medications can put the negative show in bed if not taken under Doctor’s supervision.

Lock Your Meds

20. Cruciferous Vegetables –

Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc. can reduce the sexual intensity in the room. These vegs promote the secretion of unpleasant smell in sweat, breath, and semen. It lowers the inter-se attraction and spark.

Stop Cruciferous Vegetables

21. Snacks –

Snacks are a poor approach to suppress hunger. They may be rich in sugar that instantly gives energy but also affects the testosterone levels. If you want to enjoy snacks, try healthy snacks like nuts, almond, etc.


22. Eating too much –

Last but not the least, if you are eating all good and healthy, all set to rock the bed, and due to good taste and hunger, you stuff your belly with all the food, it can work negatively for you. Eating too much engages all muscles of the abdomen and leaves little space to pump up the blood fast through the penile organ. Also, stuffing the stomach makes the body slow and dull. So, mind your diet.

Eating too much

These were some of the speed-breaker foods that one should avoid in order to enrich their sex session atmosphere and quality.

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