20 Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Weight LossFinding tips as on how to lose weight is like a blessing which is very rare to find in today’s world. Everybody is in a hustle to lose weight in no time and it becomes very easy when you have some weight loss tips for the guidance. Weight is something that everyone is fed up of whether the person is overweight or underweight everyone is in rush of gaining the perfect weight. An obese or fat person has to suffer a lot of embarrassment and teasing from their peers. They are not assumed to be capable enough of doing the thing that any other normal person could do.

There are a lot of ways in which you can shed some pounds and obviously starving is not amongst them. Most of the people think that skipping meals and not eating at all leads to weight loss but such weight loss tips is totally not applicable in reality. Instead doing so often leads to gain in weight because when you start skipping your meals and go on for starvation your body undergoes lots of imbalances due to the lack of food and this starvation process cannot be continued for long so when you start eating food like before you tends to gain double weight than before. Starving is not at all the option for weight loss.

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Natural weight loss tips are the best guide to lose weight quickly at home. Following are tips for weight loss at home:-

☞ 1. Avoid Matching Plates –

Have you ever wondered that why restaurants and hotels serve food in such an attractive and colorful plate? They just want the food to look amazing and more pleasing. This technique helps in eating more food and that is the reason why these hotels and restaurants serve food like this. Research says that eating on a plate that matches the food served on them as there is less contrast which in turn prompts us to eat more food.

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☞ 2. Do Not Skip Meals And Snacks –

The first that comes in mind when someone imagines of losing weight is to keep the meals at stand by. Skipping the snack time does not necessarily guarantee weight loss. Instead, low-calorie consumption can lead to a slow rate of metabolism. Research says that skipping meals all day long and going for a large meal at night can result in some undesirable outcomes like delayed insulin response which will increase the risk of diabetes in the person. Instead of ignoring and skipping breakfast and lunch go for a few meals a day with healthy snacks in between.

Don't Skip Meals

☞ 3. Rearrange Your Fridge –

Look up at the unhealthy and calorie rich snacks stored in your fridge. Replace them all with the healthier snacks that are low in calories. Fruits and veggies are also good option when you are going for healthier snacking and yes healthier foods and snacks are not even “pricey”.

Rearrange fridge with low calories

☞ 4. Never Ignore Breakfast –

It is often said that eat as if you are a king in the morning. It is said so because the significance of breakfast cannot be ignored. Breakfast is very necessary if you wish to lose weight. The person then goes for binge – eating if she hadn’t eaten until afternoon and a massive dinner thereafter as she was starving since morning. Having a plenty amount of breakfast and with enough amount of protein is very important so that you do not go for unhealthy snacking afterward.

Never Ignore Breakfast

☞ 5. Re shelf Your Pantry –

Adjust your pantry and keep healthier foods like whole grain pasta, rice, nuts and beans in the front so when you crave for something to eat the first things that could come to your sight should be something healthy and not at all junk and rich in calories. Of course keeping brownies mix and chips back in the shelf and out of reach of your sight and reach does not mean that you would not eat it but seeing and smelling foods stimulate the cravings and increase the level of your hunger. So, keeping such foods out of sight is a good alternative to lose weight.

Adjust your pantry with healthier foods

☞ 6. Serving In Restaurant Style –

Instead of lining bowl full of curry, rice dish and casseroles serve yourself food in restaurant style. Leave all these in kitchen and after you’ve finished the food on your plate, take a breath and decide whether you want to go for round two or not. Changing the environment in which food is served can help you in reducing its intake.

Changing Serving Style

☞ 7. Prefer Eating In Smaller Plates –

Yes, eating in smaller plates do play an important role in the process of weight loss. Plate size has increased from past few decades. When you sit down to have your lunch or dinner take smaller plate than usual can make you feel fuller with the decreased amount of food in the plate. Eating in smaller plates have a simple logic, smaller the plate smaller will be the portions.

Prefer Eating In Smaller Plates

☞ 8. Snacking Before Your Dinner –

Having some snacks before you dine out with your friends or have dinner at home will make you eat lesser than you usually do. Having an apple or a cup of yogurt is a good option when you look for snacking before your dinner. But healthy snacking is allowed not the junk one. Keep in mind to add some protein rich snacks because they have the potential to keep yourself charged and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. According to a research having an afternoon snack of Greek yogurt results in increased feeling of fullness, decreased hunger and reduced eating at the time of dinner.

Snacks Before Dinner

☞ 9. Freeze The Leftover –

After preparing your meal serve yourself your portion and immediately keep the rest of the remaining food in the fridge or keep it in the freezer for future consumption. Do not leave the food in the kitchen as when the food is out of your sight there is less chance of you opting for the round two.

Freeze The Remaining Food

☞ 10.Slow Down Chewing –

Chewing slowly takes some time and it is a bit difficult in today’s busy routine that every one of us possesses. Take out some time for eating your food and slow down your process of chewing as chewing slowly makes you feel fuller in lesser amount of food. So slow down as you shovel down your meal.

Slow Down Chewing

☞ 11. Avoid Watching T.V. While Eating –

When watching T.V. people gets so lost that they have no clue what they are eating and how much they are eating. Generally people end up eating more than what they normally do. Getting your eyes stuck to your favorite T.V. show makes your mind numb about the surroundings and you do not know how much you’ve eaten. Not only gluing your eyes to the T.V. makes a difference but commercials showing mouth – watering junk foods also affects your desire and cravings for such foods.

Avoid Watching T.V

☞ 12. Turn Your Back From Your Temptations –

When you see your favorite brownie or those delicious fries which are irresistible for you and you wish to have them right there, right then just turn your back from them. If we turn away from them when we are not hungry, our mind listens to our cues from our rather than what our eyes see.

Turn Back From Your Temptations

 13. Focus On Proteins –

Proteins helps in promoting healthy weight because high protein diet is related to higher level of satiety. Proteins are also responsible for healthy muscle growth in the body. Shift your focus to foods rich in proteins. Go for meat, lentils and quinoa, they are rich in proteins. There are many other foods that are rich in proteins and would help you attain your desired goal.

Food With Proteins

☞ 14. Look For Fiber Rich Foods –

Fiber rich foods are responsible for making you feel full for a longer period of time. Eat vegetables and other high fiber food items like legumes. At least 5 grams or more of the fiber stuffed food should be inculcated in your meal. Apple, barley, oats, citrus fruits, etc. are some food items that are rich in fiber.

Fiber Rich Foods

 15. Say Yes To Healthy Fats –

Cutting out fats totally from your diet is not a good option as our body do require some fats for generating energy in the body and to absorb the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E. It is also responsible for generating the feeling of fullness. Go for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that we get from coconut, olive oil, fish, nuts and seeds.

Foods with Healthy Fats

☞ 16. Avoid Simple Carbohydrates –

Simple carbohydrates are present in white foods like white bread, refined sugar, and most pastries. These foods do provide energy but lack in the essential nutrients like fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The body breaks down these simple carbs quickly which spikes the sugar level in the blood makes the tummy rumble sooner than you could imagine. Select the ones that are whole grains instead. Whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, millets, quinoa, and brown rice are good options to replace with the white bread, refined sugars, and other simple carbohydrates. This one of the fast weight loss tips.

Avoid Simple Carbohydrates

☞ 17. Say No To Added Sugars –

Added sugar increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Prefer sugar that comes in natural form. Like fruits, veggies and whole grains. Cut down upon the spoonful that you add to your cereals or to your coffee.

No To Added Sugars

☞ 18. Prefer Fruits Instead Of Fruit Juices –

Avoid juices especially the packed one as they are nothing more than the artificial flavors. Juices are not 100 fruit, they do provide some vitamins but not the same phytonutrients and fibers as a real fruit would render. The packed apple juice that is available in the market is nearly double the sugar and 7 times less fiber than the original apple.

Image contains Fruits

☞ 19. Grab On Some Minty Gum –

Chewing sugar-free minty gum does not necessarily affect the appetite but it can keep your mouth busy when you are in the kitchen and cooking food or when you are socializing with and you can see hor d’ouevres all over. Gums aren’t proved to benefit weight loss in long run but studies show that it reduces the cravings for salty and sweet snacks and reduces the hunger between the meals. While some other studies show that minty gum has the ability to wake you up and to reduce anxiety levels.

Chewing Some Minty Gum

 20. Bust Your Stress And Look For Medicine –

De-stress yourself and relax your mind. Stress triggers increased levels of cravings and hunger, especially for sugary carbohydrates. Practice other stress-busting techniques like yoga and meditation. The easiest way is to go for herbal medicine as these medicines are totally natural and do not possess any side effect. One such medicine is Dr. Hashmi’s Slime XL capsules. This medicine is known for its best of the results and can give you some weight loss in one week without exercise.

Weight Loss Herbal Medicines

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