How To Take Care Of Sexual Health

Sexual health of a person is the key part of overall health and well being. Being sexually healthy means that the person is able to enjoy a healthier body, positive relation, a satisfying sexual life and most importantly peace of mind. Sexual health is very crucial no matter what age group you belong to or the relationships you choose to be in. world health organization considers sexual health as an essentially important aspect. Sex is a natural part of life and it brings about pleasure, joy and intimacy in your life. Sexual health is not just confined to your sexual well being but it is also related to your partner’s sexual well being. Talking honestly and openly with your partner is very important in order to maintain your sexual health.

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Benefits of Maintaining Sexual Health (Physical & Emotional)

1 . A Satisfying Sex Life:

Satisfying Sex Life

• That is pleasurable.
• That is satisfying for you and your partner.
• Based on your personal values, desires and boundaries.
• Includes your choice to be sexually active or not
• Allows you to explore and feel comfortable in your own choices.

2 . A Healthier Body :

Healthy Eating
• Avoids HIV and UTIs.
• Protects your health and your partner’s health.
• Have planned and healthy pregnancy when wanted.
• Prevents cancer caused by STIs.
• Good sexual functioning and performance.
• Overall health and well-being.
• Protects your fertility.

3 . Feeling Good About Yourself:

Feeling Confident

• Feel confident
• Be in control of your sexual choices.
• Reduce stress, worry and regrets related to sexual health.
• Feel positive about safer sex and include the use of condoms and contraceptives.
• Be confident about your body, yourself and sexual identity.

4 . Positive Relation That Is :

Positive Relation

• Balanced and fair.
• Based on open and honest communication.
• Respectful, pleasurable, comfortable and safe.
• Free of fear, pressure of violence
• Where you experience intimacy and affection.

Before you could really take care of your sexual health you first really need to be aware of the following important aspects of sexual health and well being:-

Sex Basics1 . Basics of sex –The knowledge of stimulation, desires and the cycle of response improves sexual health.


2 . Vaginal Dryness ProblemVaginal dryness – A woman has to undergo a lot of changes in her life. Some of the major changes in her life are pregnancy, menopause, and birth of her child. Going through these phases decreases the lubrication in the vagina. The lack of lubrication makes sex painful and unpleasant for the women. There are other options that can make the sexual intercourse more of pleasure and enjoyment. One such option is using lube.

3 .Reproductive Issues Reproductive issues – Reproduction and sexual health are intimately related. The measures couples take to avoid pregnancy (condom, contraceptives) and the steps taken to get healthy pregnancy are all related to the sexual health the person.


4 . Lack of desire –Lack Of Sexual Desire This problem is very common in most of the couples. One always wants more sex than the other. Lack of desire can be the result of many outcomes that affects your sexual life.


5 . Erectile dysfunction – Eractile Disfunction ProblemsErectile dysfunction in men can be caused because of many physical and emotional consequences.


Ways To Take Care of Sexual Health :-

1 . Cut Down On Smoking –

Stop Smoking

Smoking is hazardous for physical health and this fact is pretty much known to everyone. Very few are aware of the fact that smoking wrecks havoc on sexual health too. Smoking reduces the vitality of the person. Sexual act is basically based on stamina and sexual desire. Smoking creates adverse effect on your stamina and hence becomes an obstruction in your sexual life. Tobacco is the main agent that is responsible for restricting the flow of blood in the body by narrowing down the blood vessels, including the private parts. The restricted flow of blood in men results in difficult in maintaining and getting the erection while, in women, the problem of proper blood flow leads to many problems including the reduced lubrication.

2 . Kegels –

Kegel exercise helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by improving the blood circulation in the pelvic region. This improves the tone and sensitivity in the pelvic region. Strong muscles in the pelvic region helps in achieving stronger sensation during orgasm and arousal. Squeezing these muscles during sex helps the women to increase the orgasmic pleasure.

How To Do:

Kegels Exercise

• Sit in a relaxing position with your legs apart or lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
• Focus and start contracting the pelvic muscles as tightly as you can.
• Do 30 to 50 repetitions in quick successions.
• After doing this hold your pelvic muscles after contraction for 5 seconds and then relax for 5 seconds.
• Increase your timing from 5 seconds to 10 seconds gradually and further increase this timing as you master in this exercise.

3 . Focus On Healthy Diet –

In order to maintain a good sexual health, intake of essential nutrients is very important. Eating the right and healthy food nourishes the body and provides the required strength. A diet that is low in sodium and bad fats helps in fighting much illness like cholesterol and hypertension which could lead to hypertension. The following foods help in maintaining good sexual health:-

Healthy Foods for better sexual health

4 . Talk To Your Partner –

Talk to your Partner

Talk to your partner about sex, tell each other about your desires. Share what you expect out of each other in bed. In order to enjoy a healthy and good sexual life it is very essential that you feel comfortable with each other. Try new things (positions, new places) to make out in the way that you feel respected. Make your way to a thrilling night and if you wonder to increase your sexual stamina immensely then you can try Sikander-E-Azam that comes from a very trusted brand name “Hashmi”. You can also make your life easier by helping each other in finishing off their tasks so that you can hastily go ahead and enjoy your night.

5 . Protected Sex

Protected Sex

It is a smart choice to go for a protected sex so that you can avoid the unwanted pregnancy and most importantly, STIs (sexually transmitted diseases). STIs or sexually transmitted infections are a result of unprotected sex. It is very important to look for alternatives like condoms so that you can eliminate the risk of encountering the STIs. Using condom and maintaining personal hygiene is equally important so that you are not infected because of the unprotected sex. Go for blood test and also make your partner get examined regularly to avoid the risk of developing any kind of STI.

6 . Make Small Gestures For Each Other –

Make small gestures for each other and let each other know that you are still interested in being physical despite of the fact that you are more indulge in the responsibilities of your home and children. Help her in the kitchen when she is cooking, watch T.V. together, or send him romantic message when he is busy winding up his work at office. These small gestures help in elevating the mood and turn you on and in turn making you sex life healthy and fun filling.

small gestures to increase closeness

Summing Up:-

Sexual health is all about a good sexual life. It is as essential as physical health and it requires attention and care just like the physical aspect of well being. Besides keeping hygiene use contraceptive methods so that you can avoid unwanted pregnancies and dreadful sexually transmitted diseases. Indulging in sex with many partners increases the risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases. Prefer one partner over many and regularly go for checkup in order to investigate the development of any infection or disease that might get developed due to the sexual relation. If you are looking for a one step solution to all of your male sexual problems then Sikander – E – Azam capsules is the answer.



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