12 Women Healthcare Tips

Women Healthcare TipsBeing a woman you require extra care and nurture. A woman body has to undergo many reforms in each stage of life. The first drastic change that she has to undergo is the starting of menstruation which further precedes pregnancy and menopause. Pregnancy is a whole new phase in a woman’s life. Lot of hormonal and physical changes and physical changes are witnessed in this time. It is very vital to take care of health especially during this time. Women are mostly ignorant towards their health they are more conscious about the well being of their children, husband and other family members. They normally do not have time for their own self as they are busy with the household chores and when a woman is working then there is no possibility of her taking extra care of her health. As women age their body requires increased amount of calcium and iron and ignoring this need of the body makes them pay for it and face consequences.

A woman is the pillar of the house if she is not well the system and balance of whole house gets disturbed. In order to maintain the balance of you need to take into consideration the tips that will be listed below. These tips are best and would let you know how you can take care of yourself in the best possible way ever.

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Best Women Healthcare Tips :-

1. Get Rid of Stress –

Stress is something that is harming us immensely, beyond what our brainwaves could reach. Stress is a silent killer as it gives rise to many diseases. It is also bad for cardio-vascular disease. It also gives birth to the problems like depression, infertility and anxiety. Try to be relaxed and avoid stress it just ruins your health. Meditation, vacation and love from your partner can act as great stress busters. Find out what makes you stress free and make it a habit.

Get Rid of anxiety problems

2. Stop Dieting –

Do not starve yourself in the name of dieting. Dieting is just like a punishment that you give to yourself and it is seriously good for nothing. It just makes you weak from within. Instead of dieting balance your diet with healthy fats, lean proteins, fiber and good carbs. You can surely binge on sometimes but what needs to be taken in consideration is the balance that needs to be maintained.

Stop Dieting

3. Mental Health –

Along with physical health, mental health is also crucially important. The food that we eat has a direct relation with our physical health, energy levels and mental well being (mood). We should choose foods keeping in mind these quotients. This will in turn help us keep our mind feel good. Needs of every person varies so the food that might work for you won’t work for another woman. It’s better to consult your doctor. Some minerals and vitamins help in fighting the depression. So it is very necessary to select the food that is right for you so as to remain mentally healthy.

Mentol Health

4. About Fertility –

Many women do not develop any complications getting pregnant in their late 30s and some are even able to conceive in their early 40s. A woman’s fertility rate starts declining when she attains the age of 32. You can consult your doctor regarding the various ways to get pregnant. Freezing your eggs can also be an option.

Fertility Problems

5. More And More Sex –

Try to increase your sessions of lovemaking. The more you have sex the more you will see the reduced stress because sex produce a hormone in the body that relieves you from stress and makes you in better state of mind. Additionally, it also makes you look younger and sex also have other health benefits.

Sex Benifits

6. Appreciate The Measure of Birth Control –

The measure of birth control not only helps in avoiding the unwanted pregnancy but also helps in, according to a research, avoiding the risk of developing the dreadful ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. It also helps in regulating the monthly cycle.

Appreciate Birth Control


7. More Sleep –

Get proper and sound sleep. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. While you are sleeping, your body replenishes and repairs and regains the energy that has been lost in the daily chores. Do not set up your alarm before the time you have to get up as snoozing the alarm and interrupting your sleep will make you groggy despite of the fact that you have slept for few extra minutes. Try and sleep in a room that is dark and do not let any disturbance like T.V. or lamps interrupt your sleep as it lowers the level of melatonin hormone that in turn disturbs the cycle of your sleep. Inappropriate or less sleep, a research says, makes you more prone to psychological problems and heart problem.

Get More Sleep

8. Get More Orgasms –

Try and indulge in activities that give you more pleasure. Generally, women do not get orgasm easily. Talk to your partner about your fantasies and desires and tell him what drives you crazy and what you want from him. Orgasms are responsible for releasing hormone that ensures a good state of emotional being. Orgasms are also responsible for boosting immune system and can even help you live longer.

Get More Orgasms

9. Visit Your Doctor Regularly –

Now days people are leading a neglecting lifestyle that has lend them serious health problems. Many women are now suffering from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) and breast cancer (mainly because of their unhealthy lifestyle, regardless of their age), white discharge, sexual problems like lower libido and stamina and many other gynaecologically related problems and other problems related to their appearance like that of their breast size, some want to increase the breast size. and other wants decrease the breast size. There is also a lack of knowledge amongst the women about how to manage their health. So, it is very important to visit your doctor and she will screen you with any possibility of breast cancer or ovarian cancer and many other chronic diseases that you would likely to develop, looking upon the conditions and health of yours. She would then prescribe you any required medicine. After screening you for several times the doctor would herself stop any further screening and declare that you are at lower or no risk of developing any serious illness when all your reports will be normal.

Consult Your Doctor

10. Eliminate Risk of Cancer –

The chances of you developing cancer also depends upon your family history. If your grandparents, parents, uncles, siblings or aunts were diagnosed for cancer before the age of 50 years then you are prone to a higher risk of developing cancer. In order to avoid cancer crave for vitamin D as it not only makes bone stronger but also helps in avoiding heart disease and cancer. Taking vitamin D from the sun, during winters, is not sufficient to meet the requirement of vitamin D of the body. Try taking foods rich in vitamin D or you can also consult your doctor for vitamin D pills.

Eliminate risk Of Cancer

11. Proper Weight –

Managing proper weight is very essential. An obese or overweight person is more likely develop serious health issues. Some of the health issues include the cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension. Instead of thinking about pounds think about percentage. Since percentage will be a lesser number you won’t feel the stress as much as you would feel looking upon the number written with pounds. Look for foods that make you feel fuller and are healthier (low in calories). Fruits, healthy proteins and vegetables are some best foods when your focus is to lose weight. These foods are high in water.

Weight Management

12. Lower The Salt Consumption –

After attaining the age of 45 years many women reports the problem of high blood pressure which was not there when they were young. The main reason of high blood pressure is the increased amount of sodium. High blood pressure is a threat to both heart and brain. Before going to bed every night, hang your head and shoulders in a way that your rest of the body is above and your head and shoulders are hanging from the bed. Stay like this for 1-2 minutes. This will open up the area of chest and improve the flow of blood to your heart and lungs. This technique also helps you in preventing the hunching (sitting in a bad way) that ruins your posture at work.

Less Salt Consumption

Concludingly, women should take care of their health as whole of their family is dependent on them. Their children, their husband all are dependent on them even for small-small daily requirements including the need of ironed clothes, their socks, wallet and many other basic requirements cannot be fulfilled without the women of the house. So, not only for her she has to take care of herself for the sake of her family. No other person could replace her place and value. A stressful and healthy life is a right of every living being. Stop following the neglecting and unhealthy way of living and spare some time for yourself. Go for a walk or jogging. Not more but take out at least 10 minutes from your busy routine and do some basic exercise or meditation. This will make you feel relaxed and also make your body toned and maintained.


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