Top 10 Common And Effective Home Remedies

In today’s lifestyle women faced plenty of problem daily which is mostly related to the women body. All these problem mainly start with unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Here we are come up with some home remedies of common problem which occur in women. So take a look of all home remedies which have effective result to cure women problem.

Home Remedies

means special foods which help you to rid of your health related problem. All food are natural so there is no side effect of any of home remedies. Women gives a try all home remedies which we mention in this blog. But we show you some common problem occur in women and we gives you the natural cure of that problem.

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Common Problems:

Hair Fall :

Hair is a crowning glory for every man and women. But when hair start falling uncontrollable it will affect the personality of man and women. But in women case it also self-esteem and start hesitating to interact someone. And when hair fall increase women start to wearing scarf or hat to hide their problem in front of people. There are some common causes behind the hair fall. You can solve your problem with special home remedies.

Weight Loss :

As we are mention losing weight it not easy as compare to gaining weight. You need to start dieting and doing workout to lose some weight. Every women who have extra weight want to reduce and get perfect figure can try home remedies which we are recommended. You can surely see the difference in fifteen days in your body weight.

Acne Scars :

Acne scars is very painful and embarrassing problem for every women in this world. These acne scars occur mostly occur when pimple popup on your face and when pimple gone it left with acne marks behind them. There are plenty of causes behind acne scars occur. So here we are come up with some home remedy to solve this acne problem.

Stretch marks :

Both men and women face these stretch marks problem. It is very difficult to rid stretch marks problem and it also affect the people personality and confidence. The stomach stretch marks are mostly occur because of pregnancy. Sudden weight gain also a reason behind stretch marks. You can commonly seen these stretch marks on your shoulder, waist, stomach, arms, etc. These problem not directly indicate that you are sick but it affects your skin health. So we discuss some home remedy for that and help you to rid of this stretch marks problem.

Breast Enlargement :

Women are gifted with this special body part. And all women look attractive with big size of breast but not all women are gifted with large size of breast. In today’s most of the men seen attractive for those women who have big size of breast. In other word you can say that big breast size indicate feminity. And those women have small breast seen desperate to increase the size of breast. All these women wants urgent result and because of urgent result it take some wrong step like breast enlargement surgery. So here we discuss some natural way to increase breast size.

Weight Gain :

If you are belong to skinny group of people and want to put up some weight. So we specially recommended you to try home remedy to gain weight without any side effect. Gaining weight is to easy as compare to losing weight. You need to eat some nutrition rich foods to gain weight easily. But you also doing some work out for gaining weight in a particular shape.

Acidity Problem :

Acidity problem occur when eat spicy and heavy meal. Acidity problem also generate because of empty stomach and long gap in taking meal, over drinking of tea or coffee, etc. When acidity problem occur for long time it will harmful for your body and acidity generate other major disease. If you want to rid of acidity problem stop eating spicy food. And try some home remedies which we are recommended in this blog.

Cold and Cough :

Cold and Cough usually occur when whether change or other different factor behind cold and cough. And we strongly recommended you to use home remedy to treat your cold and cough. And you see different recipe suggested by our elders which have effective result these all recipe are belong to home remedy.

Breast Reduction :

Breast size increase mostly of two reason sudden weight gain and pregnancy. These are the two reason behind sudden breast size increase. After that you feel pain in shoulder because of large breast size and want to rids of shapeless figure. So you can try some home remedy which will help you to get attractive figure and reduce your breast size naturally.

Ring Worm :

Worm ring is a fungal infection and it like circle shape patch on your skin. These infection occur because of Tinea Fungus and it look scary spot on your body. It usually present at arm side of the body. In medical field there are many solution to treat this worm ring and home remedy also very effective result to treat this worm ring.

Home Remedies :

1. Aloe Vera :

Aloe Vera works as a all rounder home remedy. Aloe vera having an effective result to solve many men and women problem. Aloe Vera is used to treat your hair fall, stretch marks, acne scars problem and having good feedback from people who used this home remedy to treat hair fall, stretch marks and acne scars problem. It will help to improve the growth of hair all you need to do is used aloe vera in a particular way which we are mention below.

Procedure For Treating Hair Fall Problem

• Take the stalk of Aloe Vera and extract the pulp.
• Apply it to your hair and scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes.
• Wash your hair with normal water.
• You can do this procedure three to four times a week and you see your hair fall was gone.

Procedure For Treating Acne Scars Problem

• Separate the aloe vera gel from aloe leaves.
• Apply the aloe vera gel direct to the affected areas.
• Leave it on overnight.


Procedure For Treating Stretch Marks Problem

• Remove the outer layer of the aloe vera leaf.
• Separate the sticky gel from the aloe leaf.
• Apply aloe vera gel on stretch marks and wash off with water after 2-3 hours.


2. Breast Enlargement 

In the market there are plenty of breast enlargement supplement available but all of them are not belong to natural supplement. Here we are tell you the best natural breast enlargement supplement are available. If you want result without any side effect you should take BIG B XL Breast enlargement cream and capsules. This supplement are made up of natural ingredients and herbs.

All of these natural herbs help you to develop your breast tissues and give you permanent result by enlarge your breast size. You should take either cream or capsule all choice is your both have effective result in enlarging the size of the breast.

3. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is works as home remedies to treat hair fall problem. Coconut milk contain protein and other important fats which have very good result to increase the growth of hair and preventing your hair fall.
Procedure for treating hair fall problem

• Take a medium-sized coconut and warm it in a frying pan around five minutes.
• At the time you heat coconut mik add some black pepper in it.
• Apply on your scalp and hair.
• Wash your hair with normal water and you can use shampoo.

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter works as home remedy and help you to gain weight. Peanut butter is very protein rich food and help you to gain high calories. So Peanut butter easily help you to gain weight. But you should also doing some work out to maintain your body in shape.

5. Weight Gain

The best way to easily gain weight without any side effect is try some natural weight gain supplement. If you ready to use natural supplement to gain weight you should take Vetoll XL capsules. It is the best natural weight gainer supplement. Many of the people try this and get result what they really want. Vetoll XL capsules is a natural supplement made up natural ingredient which help to improve your digestive system, enhance the hormonal function.

6. Fish Oil

Fish oil comes in the form of capsules and it works as natural supplement to help you to reduce your breast size naturally. If you really want decrease your breast size start taking one fish capsules daily. Each capsule having 1000 mg and you need consume this capsules daily.

7. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup also work as a home remedy. Eat chicken soup to treat your cold which are suggested by specialist. Chicken soup used to treat cold since ancient time it have very effective result. You can also try garlic and water which are also used to treat the common cold and cough.

8. Breast Reduction 

For those who suffering from the big breast size problem we came up with the best breast reduction natural supplement. Our team took so many years to made up this breast reduction natural supplement is known in the market as Cute B Capsule and cream.

These supplement are present in two form either you can take Cute B cream or Cute B capsules. These capsules and cream help you to burn the breast fat and decrease the size breast without any side effect. All you have to do is complete the full course of Cute B capsule and cream and you get the perfect figure as you want.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is part of spice family and also works as home remedy to treat different problem. Turmeric also used to treat worm ring on your skin. You can use turmeric in two ways make a paste of turmeric and directly apply on the worm ring and other option is add some turmeric into milk and drink.


10. Weight Loss Supplement

In today’s lifestyle we gain unwanted fat because of unhealthy diet and all of us want to rid of this unwanted fat as soon as possible. So we recommend the best natural weight loss supplement for you. You can give a try Slim XL capsule natural supplement which is made up of unani herbs. Slim XL capsule is the most safest way to lose weight without any side effect. All you need to do is complete the full course of Slim XL capsule.


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